Spofforth Village

Near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Spofforth Parish Plan
Spofforth Parish PlanCommunities everywhere are constantly changing. The government wants local communities to take more control of their own lives, to say what they want doing in their own neighbourhoods and to engage with other organisations to get it done. You cannot prevent change but you can influence it. Our Parish Plan will help our community to make change happen. It's creation was an opportunity for everyone in Spofforth to make themselves heard.

Our plan lays out a shared vision for the community over the next 10+ years and contains a detailed action plan for achieving this vision. It is up to us to address the issues identified in our plan. It sets out how community action can meet local needs, help prioritise resources and provide important information to help influence the policies, decisions and actions of others. It belongs to us, to be delivered by our community in partnership with other agencies.

Developing our Parish Plan was a process through which we all voiced our opinions on what action we wish to see taken in our local area in the future. The plan highlights actions that can be taken by villagers, it is used by the Parish Council to influence service providers such as our local authority, and acts as evidence of need when applying for funding.

Download the Spofforth Parish Plan (pdf)