Spofforth Village

Near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Making Butterfles Count

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thumb_speckled_wood_n.jpgThe Big Butterfly Count 2011 was launched this morning by Sir David Attenborough and he would like you to get involved. It runs from 16-31 July and is a way of taking nature's pulse, given butterflies react very quickly to changes in the environment and declines act as an early warning for other wildlife losses. Its the second year of the project and Sir David is asking people to spend 15 minutes in their garden or local area such as Ginny Greenholes on a sunny day counting the numbers and types of butterflies. Sighting can be logged until the end of August on line.

It looks fun, easy and worthwhile and something to do with the kids. All the details of how to take part and identification aids are online at www.bigbutterflycount.org

Butterflies and moths are very important to gardeners because as they feed on flower nectar they transfer pollen on their bodies and legs from one plant to another.

Last Updated on Monday, 15 August 2011 21:51