Spofforth Village

Near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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All the latest news and events in Spofforth


thumb_img_2266.jpgThe grass was cut, the trees were pruned and the bulbs were standing tall and proud yesterday for the RHS spring judging of Yorkshire In Bloom.  A fantastic array of children's posters is on display in the village hall windows, so stop and take a look if you are passing.  Last year we were awarded a Silver Gilt - lets hope we can do as well if not better this year! Anyone who would be willing to give a few hours of their time to weeding and other tasks is asked to contact any member of the 'In Bloom' team.



Unfortunately, the decision taken to open the play scheme was somewhat premature, given the level of ground re-instatement work required to complete the site.  This work is now well in hand, but in the meantime we have had no alternative but to close the playground.  We are concerned for the safety of the children because heavy machinery will be coming on site at random times, delivering large quantities of soil and then preparing the ground for final re-vegetation.  We obviously couldn't possibly have the playground open until this is complete.


Over the Easter weekend some of the turf has been laid - more to come!  The picnic tables are in place and general pruning and tidying up has been started.  Further work has been done to re-instate the hay meadow and safety matting is being laid around the log stilts and mounding.  Litter bins and signage have been delivered and are ready to be installed. 


Further work will be undertaken over the next couple of weeks.  As soon as we have the all clear from the Contractors, we will re-open the site for children's play and for all to enjoy.  Please put the date of Saturday 1st May in your diary for the Official Launch of the site, which will be opened by the Mayor of Harrogate, with many other local dignitaries in attendance.  Full details will be posted soon but we wanted to let you know just as soon as we knew!


On a sad note - disappointingly we have had several complaints of older children going on site late in the evening, playing with matches, being loud and using bad language and generally misbehaving.  This is such a special area of environmental importance for all the family and the play area for the youngsters is so vibrant and exciting it will be so disappointing if the few spoil it for many.  If you have older children, please do discourage them from behaving badly around the site.  They need to respect the wildlife and the huge investment from many in the village towards the final creation of this special area for which we have waited many years.





Although the official launch of the Ginny Greenholes Environmental Play Scheme on East Park Road will be announced soon and all will be welcome, we are delighted to announce that the play area has been transferred this week to Spofforth Parish Council – so it’s open and ready for play!  The final landscaping for the rest of the site is still to be completed so please be extra vigilant.


We want to share some sensible rules with you and your children- 



“Every Penny Counts …..”

thumb_playground_collection_alison_paige.jpgSince fund-raising started for the Ginny Greenholes Environmental Playscheme in Spofforth, Alison Paige from the local Londis store has been encouraging her customers to put their loose change into a bucket to help raise the additional funds required to add the finishing touches to the project particularly the signage and planting to the environmental and wildlife area.


In six months Alison and her team have raised over £600 and she proudly handed this sum to Shirley Fawcett, Chairman of Spofforth Parish Council.

Shirley said “this is a really great community effort, and we are delighted to learn that Alison is going to continue to raise funds in the future for this special project and for Spofforth in Bloom.  This is a true reflection of how much everyone in the village appreciates the hard work that has gone into creating this fantastic new play scheme for our children”. 



Village celidah ... 'take your partners by the hand'

 ... and come on down the the Village Hall! Spofforth Village Society will be holding a ceilidh on Saturday 13th March 2010. It will be from 7pm until 11pm and music will be provided by Gale Warning. Tickets are £8 for adults and £5 for children, available from Hairbelle, Alison at the Londis village store or Spofforth School and will include a supper. There will be no bar so it is advised to bring a bottle or other liquid refreshment. 


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