Spofforth Village

Near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Spofforth gets Gold!

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resized_sib_gold_award.jpgSpofforth has triumphed in this year's Yorkshire in Bloom awards and was presented with a much deserved gold rose award alongside being joint category winners in the villages section!

The competition is part of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Britain in Bloom campaign and judging criteria are based on horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility and community participation.

John Stanley, chairman of Spofforth in Bloom, said "it was excellent and overwhelming to discover we had won.  It's an achievement for the whole village and it was a delight for us to accept the award on behalf of the village.  All parts of the community have pulled together to make this a wonderful place to live throughout the year."

Executive members of Yorkshire in Bloom will shortly be approaching the entrants who did well to see if they are prepared to represent Yorkshire in the national RHS Britain in Bloom finals in 2012 so we could soon see Spofforth up there with the best!

Read on for the judges detailed comments ...

Spofforth Gold Rose Award Joint Category Winner
Spring Medal Position - Gold Summer Medal Position - Gold


When arriving into Spofforth over the bridge from the north, the overcast sky did not distract from the floral welcome, and the attractive front and rear facades of The Castle public house ahead. A friendly greeting from ‘in bloom' members, added to a detailed brochure and a well thought-out itinerary. Several stops along the route gave the judges an opportunity to meet and talk to many members of the community. Note had been taken of the Spring comments, in particular the opportunity to see more residential gardens. The children from the CofE Primary School's Gardening Club were most enthusiastic and knowledgeable - making the first stop worthwhile. The Ginny Green Holes Environment Project seemed even more developed than in the Spring. Torrential rain during the tour, though unfortunate, did not prevent the judges from appreciating the hard work put in by all concerned, and meeting the Local Authority Recycling Officer. Laminated YIB posters were on lampposts and covered an adopted telephone box. Tubs along the route were well grouped and most colourful - reflecting the purple, pink, red and white colour scheme. All volunteers who met the judges afterwards in the Village Hall are to be congratulated.

Section A: Horticultural Achievement
Areas of Achievement
A very good choice of Summer colours - purple, pink, red and white. Tubs grouped to a good effect. Again, well cut grass areas.

Areas for Improvement
There is room for more involvement from businesses.

Section B: Environmental Responsibility
Areas of Achievement
Development of the Ginny Green Holes Environment Project is clearly evident - the whole project being beneficial for all the community. There was an impression of cleanliness and orderliness throughout.
A visit to the recycling site and meeting the Local Authority Recycling Officer underlined Spofforth's commitment to the environment.

Areas for Improvement
Further planting of bulbs in the autumn will certainly enhance any further presentation.

Section C: Community Participation
Areas of Achievement
There is much evidence of an enthusiastic community involvement. It was much appreciated to meet so many of Spofforth's volunteers.

Areas for Improvement
There being so much to show judges, it left little time to discuss any future projects.

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